In the world of technology, there is an ever-pressing push to get ahead, to make it first. Many are left behind, and are quickly becoming last. Not surprisingly, those left behind are our poor, marginalized, and forgotten. Time and time again, God clearly has said He has not forgotten them.

Hope IT is a Christian-based effort to focus on under-served kids, and allow them to learn computer programming and other IT skills. Starting with those at 11 years of age, over years of engagement, we want them to be able to be at a place after high school to decide to go straight in to an IT job or go to college, with strong technical, leadership, and service skills and experiences. Read our initial ideas; they will evolve as we learn what works best. We are in a formation time, and plan to start in the Fall of 2017.

All team members with Hope IT are volunteers. We will bring our knowledge and experiences, but allow kids to chart their own path, guided by their interest and ability. If you would like to volunteer and be on our team, we could definitely use your help.

We highly value partnership with local groups and organizations, be it tutoring programs and churches, or large and small businesses and non-profits. We look to create relationships with companies that can both provide computers and tours, as well as internships and jobs for kids going through our program.

If you are interested in being part of this effort, let us know. Contact us at

Here are some ways you can be part of the team in right now:

  • Become a team member: Help us form what Hope IT will look like in the Fall of 2017. We will visit other groups doing similar things in the LA area, and glean form them what is working best. We will continually learn and get better. This effort also includes forming our curriculum, help build our team, working with our partners to see what fits best for a particular situation.

  • Become a Technical Coach (Instructor): We need topic experts, who like to share and work with kids.

  • Help promote our effort: This includes creating and maintaining a Facebook page and other outward facing information streams. Follow up on contacts we get that are interested in helping out or partnering with Hope IT.

  • Help organize events and trips: We can visit JPL, go to hack-a-thons, Maker Fairs, and companies (visit their server rooms…does anyone have those anymore?)

  • Be a company liason, opening opportunities for kids to have internships or actual Jobs. We will only send out best kids to these opportunities…but they need those opportunities and access to our networks/connections.

  • You would like Hope IT to partner with your organization/church: We are just starting, but we can listen if you think we should partner with you. Do contact us.

Or if you have another idea on how you can be part of our effort and team, let us know. We need you.